by Lea Bertucci

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"A trumpet blasts and it all shakes.” Cenotaphotography. Melody is the Janus - a shape of departure unrecognizable from accession. Four ways to approach a space narrowed to three. Arriving at resonance is like mistaking a wedding for causality. “I haven’t moved yet.” A quadrifrons triumphal arch of resolution and decomposition. “I just can’t get it out of my head, but.” Sound, itself bell-figured, attaches to the tympanic membrane as a burr sticks to a pants leg. Recalcitrance shifts into some ælfen glamour - milk of the red deer hinds or brisgein. Dispense, then, with the cognate. No, three chances to leave the room. “But, it’s a load off my mind.” A bleed of reel-to-reel & micro cassette at least bringing the composite echo its dissipation. The off chance someone hears what you’re saying over the din of the wedding. The sowans of an old folk song. Two arrows - a Janus. “I’m falling out of tune. The room has seduced me." - Allen Mozek

In the midst of the abstraction the arch is cleft, just short of an ending – a staggering euphoria. Perceptions discern the limitations of one’s eye, the armchair embodies nothing in particular, the scale is relative to what? Poetics of the absurd. Listen in solitude.

Three new eloquent works arranged by Lea Bertucci. After only a selective handful of recordings released in recent years we find here again more of the same, meticulously crafted atmospheres of tempered grace & expression – a most essential contemporary sound-art document: “Axis/Atlas” - Clandestine Compositions 2016


released January 20, 2016

Recorded in New York City 2015



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Clandestine Compositions Providence, Rhode Island

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